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Welcome to the Art for People Website

"Art is the door between the physical and non-physical worlds, between the seen and the unseen".

As art makers, we strive to explore and connect with new worlds where infinite possibilities can be touched and possibly understood. These can become the potentials in our everyday lives. We change the world through how we enact these potentials...

Art is Everywhere.

Art for People has art in private collections and Galleries on six continents and has supported creative community projects in eleven countries around the world...

We have just returned from a 4000 km cycling journey across the USA and Cuba with a few months spent in Nicaragua and Costa Rica traveling and making art. There are some photos and comments at: .


A photo of our cycling family taken by the Adventure Cycling Association for a feature in their winter 2012 magazine.
We are currently preparing for an Art Show in Victoria on June 23rd and one in Rossland on the 29th of June.
We have many galleries of art with a variety of styles. Please feel fee to browse. view galleries >>.......

Art for people showcases the art of Andy Holmes and Martine Bedard. We are dedicated to creating art that reaches towards the frontier of creative potential. Art for People is all about art, creativity, family, community and sharing the potentials for growth and development that creativity offers.




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Art for People is dedicated to creating innovative and beautiful artistic creations. We are also dedicated to supporting the creative process around the world by sponsoring grass roots creative community projects>>. Andy and Martine, the founders of Art for People, are both art makers and art therapists who believe in the extrordinary benefits of creativity and creative persuits.

Art for People partners with Organizations around the world to fundraise for diverse and creative community initaitives. If you are interested in hosting an art show/fundraiser for your organization, please feel free to contact us.



Art for People believes in the potential for art and creativity to inspire people in living thoughtful and meaningful lives. Through donations, Art for People sponsors creative community projects around the world. In purchasing Art for People paintings, you are not only receiving a beautiful art piece, but are also keeping the creative cycle moving in supporting creative projects globally.


Our goal is to support creativity throughout the world. Creativity heals the soul and soothes the mind. Art is everywhere.

Art for People was created by Andy Holmes and Martine Bedard to help realize their dream of sharing the many beneficial aspects of creative expression. Art heals. Creativity is a language all people on the planet can share. Creative expression expands the mind and creates connections within individuals and between individuals and the world around.

Environmental Philosophy

Birch trees
re-used and recycled materials

As artists, we recognize that different materials are more environmentally friendly and 'green' than others. We try to utilize non-toxic pigments and paints as much as possible and continually search for the least toxic materials available. We often make our own paints, utilizing natural pigments and mediums as much as possible. We also try to use re-used and recycled materials that we find at construction sites, thrift stores, garage sales and at the local landfills. Although not all the art is created with these materials, some of our art can claim the title of 100% re-used and recycled. Our long term goal is to make all our art with materials that are environmentally sensitive and long lasting. The exploration of environmentally sensitive art is a form of art work within itself and provides endless learning and enjoyment. Thanks to a grant from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance supported by the Columbia Basin Trust I was able to experiment extensively with new paints and materials through 2008 and 2009. To see some of the art produced with this grant, please visit the experimental gallery . Workshops that involve creating art with a variety of materials (including re-used and re-cycled materials) have been offered over the last year and will continue into the future. For more information on our art or on workshops, please contact us (

Art for people also do commissions>>.