Art for People....Beginings

Martine & Andy


Art for People was created by Andy Holmes and Martine Bedard as a way to raise money to support creativity, peace and love around the world. Art is an immediate and vibrant way to connect with people, communities and cultures. We feel fortunate in the creative connections art has brought us.

family.....on our bike trip to Mexico







Andy and Martine Live in Rossland, B.C., with their two daughters Sylvie and Lily. When not painting, they enjoy the outdoors and travelling.


Valley of Fire, Nevada
roadside picnic







The idea for Art for People began with a bike trip. In 2005, we decided to bike to Arizona from Canada with our daughters Sylve and Lily (aged 1 and 2 at the time). We decided to have a fundraiser to help us on our journey which was to last a year. Soon after planning the fundraiser, we decided to give the money to different charities rather than using it for our own purposes. From this, we quickly realized the potential for raising money through art sales and decided to create Art for people. Now, we sell art with two purposes: to support our simple lifestyles and to fundraise for creative projects....some of which we create, and some of which already exist and which we support from the proceeds of fundraisers. As the inception of Art for people began with a bike trip, we thought we would share some of the photos from this journey. We certainly learned alot about ourselves and appreciated the openness and generousity of people we met along the way....

The freedom of the open road on bicycles is truly magical. Traveling slowly on backraods we felt we were a part of the scenery and environment rather than simply traveling through it....

We met many generous people and found adventure and fun in the most fantastic places

The end of the bike trip brought us to Diamond Mountain University (Diamond Mountain) where we were graciously accepted into the community. We became the artists in residence and ended our stay with an art show which raised money for the university and for The Casa Elizabeth Orphanage in Mexico.

Our dear friend Earle Birney

The reason we ended up at Diamond Mountain University was to go visit our dear friend Earle Birney. Earle will begin a three year three month retreat this december 2010. Here is an inspiring excerpt from Earle's blog about the desert site where he will retreat:


"…the site is wild! Each time I go out there I am struck by the remoteness of the land. It makes me uneasy to be out there - feeling exposed beneath an ocean of stars, subject to noises I dont recognize, and fighting the elements which seem twice as harsh as back at the campground of Diamond Mountain. This time however, I felt some progress in my relationship to the land and the beings there - slowly working towards what will be a 3 year 3 month dance. I lit some incense and a candle, lay on the remnants of the yoga platform, and looked at the stars for hours. What the hell am I gonna do here for 3 years? How am I gonna get building materials way up here? Doubt. Anxiety. Awe. But I cant wait. It will be the most beautiful adventure of my life. Perhaps the greatest challenge. Definitely part of this "blissful path to bliss"."


Earle is now almost finished building his retreat cabin. Please visit his blog at:


Cycle Touring, art and adventure have certainly become a way of life for our family. Since the birth of our daughters and the inception of Art for People we have continued to make art and have adventures on bicycles. The roadways and byways have taken us many places and scattered our art across the planet. Art making continues to support a diverse assortment of grass roots projects around the world as well as helping to support our simple lifestyle. Our travels across the USA, Cuba and through parts of Central America during 2011-2012 were inspiring and fantastical..........There are many tales to be told and paintings to unfold. It would seem that life itself is a work of art........