Art for People Projects

Through donating a portion of all painting sales, Art for People funds Art for People Projects, an independent organization that is overseen by The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute Association, a non-profit society based in Nelson, British Columbia.

Since its inception in 2005, Art for People Projects has created and overseen several creative community projects (Casa Elisabeth Orphanage, Mexico; Huaraz Playschool and Rural Communities in the Huayhuash Range, Peru). Most recently, we have been involved in transporting art and school supplies to rural communities in Nepal. Through donations, we have also supported Nepal House Society which provides art therapy services to children and families in Pokhara, Nepal.

Art for People Projects has also supported, through donations and grants, other independent creative initiatives (Theatre of the Oppressed, Brazil; Ghetto Arts Collective, Nairobi, Kenya, and a rural school and dance program in Nicaragua).

Art for People Projects has at least one grant available annually which is applied for through The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute This year (2010) there is one grant offered through Art for People Projects. For more information click on the grants page.

Art for People Projects has supported creative community programming around the world. To date, we have supported projects in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Kenya and Canada. Donations are gratefully accepted and we can now issue tax deductible charitable donation receipts.


Art for People Projects has donated art and school supplies to rural communities in the Huayhuash Range in Peru and has also funded the purchase of supplies for a rural preschool and mural project in Huaraz, Peru.



Art for People Projects funded and facilitated the creation of a mural at Casa Elisabeth Orphanage in Imuris, Mexico. They also facilitated a community art group in the rural community of San Ignacio, Mexico.






Art for People Projects have assisted in funding the Theatre of the Oppressed productions in Brazil. These performers are addressing violence, gender discrimination and other community issues through their street theatre performances. There are many ways of creatively addressing social justice issues.

Art for people Projects has also given support to the Ghetto Arts Collective in Nairobi, Kenya. This collective brings a variety of programming including art, yoga, acrobatics and jewellery making to youth in various ghetto communities. Open the Ghetto Arts Website here

Art for People Projects has also supported many arts initiatives in Canada. We have supported and facilitated a variety initiatives in youth centers, at KATI, and through the local Arts Council in Rossland.

Some of the latest contributions (2009) include: supporting TASK (Take a Stand for Kids) supporting youth in Nicaragua, and supporting a local open studio art group for families in Nelson. Most recently we Have traveled to Nepal where we distributed art and school supplies to rural schools in the Annapurna region. We also gave financial support to Nepal House which provides art therapeutic services to people in Pokhara, Nepal.






Art for People in Nepal and Annapurna Area

The folks at Nepal House are pioneers in Nepal in brining play, art and other expressive therapies into their daily work. They work with children and families in moving through trauma, emotional challenges and varied life situations in creative ways.

Funded exclusively by outside sources, Nepal House relies on donations and fundraising efforts to stay in operation. The donation from Art for People Projects will be used to buy materials and aid in setting up a satellite program in an outlying school. To learn more, visit the Nepal House website

While hiking around the Annapurna Mountains, we managed to take art and school supplies to 8 rural schools along the way. We hired a porter, K.B., who aided us in our cause and in our communication with different teachers and school masters.

Our family has just returned from a 4000 km bike trip across the U.S.A. and Cuba where we had many super adventures, met many great people and had fun making art in new and exotic locations. We managed to have a prolific year of art making which was aimed at raising money for a variety of organizations. Through the sale of donated art in 2011, we managed to raise over $10,000 dollars which supported projects in 7 countries (Canada, U.S.A., Kenya, Philippines, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Cuba). We have had art shows and exhibits in Canada, the U.S.A., Nicaragua and Costa Rica with great support and feedback from many people along the way. We look forward to our upcoming art shows in Victoria (June 23, 2012) and Rossland (June 29th, 2012) and invite you to come and join us. We welcome any questions or feedback and welcome any ideas or suggestions regarding fundraising for different projects in the years to come. We have witnessed the power that art and creativity have in supporting social change and look forward to finding new and creative ways of being a part of this in the months and years to come.