Artwork by Andy Holmes and Martine Bédard


Red tractor

Art Making and Art for People

Art Making

bike travelling in Vienna, 2016.

Andy Holmes and Martine Bédard live in the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia with their two daughters. They love to paint and bike. Creativity and art making are about exploring and expressing the essence in all things, the seen and the unseen. Their works of art are windows into moments of existence. As art makers, they recognize that different materials are more environmentally friendly and 'green' than others and try to use re-used and recycled materials as much as possible. 

Art for People


Andy Holmes and Martine Bédard, two graduates from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute and founders of Art for People, are both art makers and art therapists who believe in the extraordinary benefits of creativity. The seeds of Art for  People originated from Martine and Andy’s dilemma around selling the art they created. They wanted to sell affordable art to counter the historical trend of art being bought by wealthy people. 

In purchasing Art for People paintings, you are not only receiving a beautiful art piece, but are also keeping the creative cycle moving by supporting creative projects globally.

Art for People Projects

Child and orphanage worker painting mural at Casa Elisabeth orphanage, Imuris, Mexico.

Art for People Projects is committed to promoting creativity that is open to all people everywhere. 

Art for People Projects, founded by Andy Holmes and Martine Bédard, is an initiative overseen by Kutenai Art Therapy Institute Association, and raises  money to support creative community projects around the world. 

Thus far, Art for People has been involved in projects in Canada, The United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, The Phillipines, Haiti and Nepal. 

For more information on available Art for People Projects grants, please visit the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute webpage:

Art for People on Art Making

Some footage of Andy at work